Rihanna’s Controversial Tweet: In Bed with a Shirtless Chris Brown


Despite the rumors that are saturating the interwebs, Rihanna and Chris Brown are still denying the claims that they are back together. In fact, Brown recently told the Power 106 radio host Big Boy that the Top 40 duo are “working on [their] friendship.”

Suuuuure. We don’t know what y’all do with your “friends” but we typically don’t hang out with our platonic pals while shirtless in bed.

Rihanna’s tweets have recently alluded that she and her “lover” were spending Thanksgiving together in Berlin, but her recent Instagram photo now has her fans all aflutter.

The “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer tweeted the following picture late Saturday, Nov. 24 with the caption, “Dis nigga……. #BartObsessed”. Although Brown’s face is buried into a Simpsons comforter, we can clearly see a plethora of tattoos (and some insanely saggy pants) that match the R&B singer’s ink and 90’s sense of style.


Do you really think that Rihanna and Chris Brown are just friends? Sing us your thoughts in the comments below!

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