Rihanna’s New Music Video For ‘Diamonds’ Debuts: Is It About Chris Brown?

Rihanna’s New Music Video For ‘Diamonds’ Debuts: Is It About Chris Brown?


A joint filled with diamonds? That can’t be too good for your health.

Rihanna’s newest music video to hit the web is for her beautiful, soulful song, “Diamonds,” and except for the aforementioned rolling papers filled with tiny gems, the imagery and scenery are more beautiful than dangerous.

Forgoing her usual in-your-face shock and plenty of exposed skin, Rihanna takes a more graceful and artsy approach with this video. Black and white confessional clips interspersed with beautiful and haunting images show a more mature side of the pop star. Whether she’s wandering alone in a wide field, floating in the dark sea, or running in the road in the middle of the night, it’s clear that Rihanna is taking a departure from her crude dancing and loud chaos of music videos past.

Whether that means she is maturing or not we can’t be too sure, as the object of her love in the video might be a representation of music’s bad boy Chris Brown. Her hands — unmistakable, thanks to her many finger tattoos — are seen grasping the arms of a heavily tattooed man, and we can’t help but think of her abusive ex. And when Rihanna is watching a building burn, a man shrouded in shadows is walking away. Is it just us, or does his profile bear quite the resemblance to Brown?

Watch the music video below, and hit the comments to tell us what you think!

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