Ringwald: ‘Brat Pack stars get together every couple of years’

The Breakfast Club star joined the likes of Matthew Broderick, Macauley Culkin and Ally Sheedy for an Academy Awards tribute to late filmmaker John Hughes, who turned them all into teenage household names – and she reveals the reunion was just old friends getting together again.

She tells WENN, “We had all seen each other about five years ago when we were all together for the MTV tribute to John. We run into each other every so often. We all have very different lives and careers but we usually get together at least every couple of years for one reason or another.

“I just hope next time it will be for a happier occasion.”

But she admits it was wonderful to get the chance to honour Hughes at the Oscars: “It was very emotional. It was a wonderful tribute. I was very happy to be a part of it.”