Rivers Cuomo


Music (14)

The Smurfs 2 2013 (Movie)

("Magik 2.0") (Song)

Prom 2011 (Movie)

"Can't Keep My Hands Off Of You" (Song)

Marmaduke 2010 (Movie)

"(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" (Song)

Yogi Bear 2010 (Movie)

("My Best Friend") (Song)

Paper Heart 2009 (Movie)

("Devotion") (Song)

21 2008 (Movie)

("Everybody Get Dangerous") (Song)

Accepted 2006 (Movie)

("Holiday") (Song)

Aquamarine 2006 (Movie)

("Island In The Sun") (Song)

Bring It On: All or Nothing 2005 (Movie)

("Beverly Hills") (Song)

The Hot Chick 2002 (Movie)

("Starlight") (Song)

American Pie 2 2001 (Movie)

("Hash Pipe") (Song)

Out Cold 2001 (Movie)

("Island in the Sun") (Song)

Meet the Deedles 1998 (Movie)


Meet the Deedles 1998 (Movie)

("American Girls (from 'Weezers')") (Song Performer)