Rob Bekuhrs


Visual Effects & Animation (14)

ParaNorman 2012 (Movie)

CG RP Animator (Animator)

Coraline 2009 (Movie)


Everyone's Hero 2006 (Movie)


The Wild 2006 (Movie)


Lilo and Stitch 2002 (Movie)

(Animation Supervisor)

Mulan 1998 (Movie)

(computer animation) (Animator)

Pocahontas 1995 (Movie)

CGI animation (CGI Artist)

The Lion King 1994 (Movie)

CGI animation (CGI Artist)

Trail Mix-Up 1993 (Movie)

CGI (CGI Artist)

Aladdin 1992 (Movie)

modeling and animation(CGI) (Animator)

Off His Rockers 1992 (Movie)

visual development (Visual Effects Designer)

Off His Rockers 1992 (Movie)


Rollercoaster Rabbit 1990 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

The Rescuers Down Under 1990 (Movie)

effects animator assistant (Effects Assistant)