Rob Cavallo


Music (9)

Rent 2005 (Movie)

Music Producer & Arranger (Music Producer)

Rent 2005 (Movie)

Score Writer (Original Score)

Rent 2005 (Movie)

Songs (Song)

Treasure Planet 2002 (Movie)

("I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)") (Music Producer)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II 2001 (Movie)

Song Producer("I'm Gonna Love You (Madellaine's Love Song)") (Song)

Detroit Rock City 1999 (Movie)

song producer("Nothing Can Keep Me From You") (Song)

Runaway Bride 1999 (Movie)

song producer("Blue Eyes Blue") (Song)

Tarzan 1999 (Movie)

song producer("You'll Be In My Heart (Phil Collins' version)") (Song)

The Other Sister 1999 (Movie)

("Loving You is All I Know") (Song Performer)
Actor (1)