Robert Benchley

Humorist, Author, Journalist
Born: 09/14/1889 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA


Actor (30)

The Road to Utopia 1946 (Movie)


Duffy's Tavern 1945 (Movie)


Janie 1944 (Movie)

John Van Brunt (Actor)

Pan-Americana 1944 (Movie)


The Major and the Minor 1941 (Movie)

Mr Osborne (Actor)

Foreign Correspondent 1939 (Movie)


China Seas 1934 (Movie)


Dancing Lady 1932 (Movie)


Blue Skies (Movie)

Businessman (Actor)

Broadway Melody of 1938 (Movie)

Duffy (Actor)

Flesh and Fantasy (Movie)

Doakes (Actor)

Headline Shooter (Movie)

Radio announcer (Actor)

Hired Wife (Movie)

Van Horn (Actor)

I Married a Witch (Movie)

Dr. Dudley White (Actor)

It's in the Bag (Movie)

Parker (Actor)

Janie Gets Married (Movie)

John Van Brunt (Actor)

Kiss and Tell (Movie)

Uncle George (Actor)

Live, Love and Learn (Movie)

Oscar (Actor)

Nice Girl? (Movie)

Oliver W.H. Dana (Actor)

Practically Yours (Movie)

Judge Simpson (Actor)

Rafter Romance (Movie)

Hubbell (Actor)

See Here, Private Hargrove (Movie)

Mr. Halliday (Actor)

Song of Russia (Movie)

Hank Higgins (Actor)

Take a Letter, Darling (Movie)

G.B. Atwater (Actor)

The Bride Wore Boots (Movie)

Uncle Todd (Actor)

The Reluctant Dragon (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

The Sky's the Limit (Movie)

Phil Harriman (Actor)

The Social Register (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

The Stork Club (Movie)

Tom Curtis (Actor)

Weekend at the Waldorf (Movie)

Randy Morton (Actor)
Writer (2)

Sky Devils (Movie)


The Reluctant Dragon (Movie)



Gertrude Darling

married June 6, 1914


Harvard University

Cambridge , Massachusetts



Debut as short filmmaker