Robert Burton

Born: 08/12/1895


Actor (54)

As the World Turns 1955 - 2010 (TV Show)


Texas 1979 - 1983 (TV Show)


Coma 1978 (Movie)

Pathology Resident (Actor)

For Richer, For Poorer 1977 - 1978 (TV Show)


Crime Club 1974 - 1975 (TV Show)


Bucktown 1974 (Movie)

Merle (Actor)

Una Ragione Per Morire 1973 (Movie)

Donald MacIvers (Actor)

Amos Burke: Who Killed Julie Greer? 1961 - 1962 (TV Show)


Birdman of Alcatraz 1962 (Movie)

Senator Ham Lewis (Actor)

Sweet Bird of Youth 1962 (Movie)

Director (Actor)

The Manchurian Candidate 1962 (Movie)

Convention Chairman (Actor)

Billy Rose's Jumbo 1961 (Movie)

Madison (Actor)

Invasion of the Animal People 1961 (Movie)


The Young Savages 1961 (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

The Gallant Hours 1960 (Movie)

Maj General Roy Geiger (Actor)

Wake Me When It's Over 1960 (Movie)

Col Dowling (Actor)

Compulsion 1959 (Movie)

Mr Straus (Actor)

The Story on Page One 1959 (Movie)

Nordau (Actor)

A Private's Affair 1958 (Movie)

General Hargrave (Actor)

Mardi Gras 1958 (Movie)

Commander Tydings (Actor)

The 30-Foot Bride of Candy Rock 1958 (Movie)

1st General (Actor)

The Young Lions 1958 (Movie)

Colonel (Actor)

The Hired Gun 1957 (Movie)

Nathan Conroy (Actor)

The Spirit of St. Louis 1957 (Movie)

Major Lambert (Actor)

The Tall T 1957 (Movie)

Tenvoorde (Actor)

Desperate Search 1956 (Movie)

Wayne Langmuir (Actor)

I Was a Teenage Frankenstein 1956 (Movie)

Dr Karlton (Actor)

Jubal 1956 (Movie)

Dr Grant (Actor)

The Brass Legend 1956 (Movie)

Tom Gipson (Actor)

The Rack 1956 (Movie)

Colonel Ira Hansen (Actor)

Three Brave Men 1956 (Movie)

Dietz (Actor)

A Man Called Peter 1955 (Movie)

Mr Peyton (Actor)

Count Three and Pray 1955 (Movie)

Bishop (Actor)

Ransom 1955 (Movie)

Sheriff Jake Kessing (Actor)

Soldier of Fortune 1955 (Movie)

Father Xavier (Actor)

The Left Hand of God 1955 (Movie)

Reverend Marvin (Actor)

The Road to Denver 1955 (Movie)

Kraft (Actor)

Broken Lance 1954 (Movie)

MacAndrews (Actor)

Riot in Cell Block 11 1954 (Movie)

Ambrose (Actor)

Rogue Cop 1954 (Movie)

Inspector Cassidy (Actor)

Taza, Son of Cochise 1954 (Movie)

General Crook (Actor)

All the Brothers Were Valiant 1953 (Movie)

Asa Worthen (Actor)

Confidentially Connie 1953 (Movie)

Dr Willis Shoop (Actor)

Cry of the Hunted 1953 (Movie)

Warden Keeley (Actor)

Latin Lovers 1953 (Movie)

Mr Cumberly (Actor)

The Big Heat 1953 (Movie)

Gus Burke (Actor)

The Girl Who Had Everything 1953 (Movie)

John Ashmond (Actor)

Fearless Fagan 1952 (Movie)


Inferno 1952 (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

Curse of the Black Widow (TV Show)


The Twilight Zone (TV Show)


Trilogy of Terror (TV Show)

Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (1)

Pacific Heights 1990 (Movie)

(Cable Operator)
Other (1)

Days of Heaven 1978 (Movie)

special sound consultant (Consultant)


Karen Black Actor

Married April 18, 1973 Divorced Oct. 23, 1974