Robert D Fraser


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Rebel in Paradise 1959 (Movie)


Rebel in Paradise 1959 (Movie)


Bad Man of Deadwood (Movie)


Black Aces (Movie)

Homer Truesdale (Actor)

Black Dragons (Movie)

Amos Hanlin (Actor)

Bolshevism on Trial (Movie)

Norman Bradshaw (Actor)

Crashing Thru (Movie)

Dr. Smith (Actor)

Dawn on the Great Divide (Movie)

Judge Corkle (Actor)

Death from a Distance (Movie)

Morgan (Actor)

Decoy (Movie)


Desert Gold (Movie)

Dick Gale (Actor)

Discarded Lovers (Movie)

Warren Sibley (Actor)

Fascination (Movie)


Fighting for Justice (Movie)

Raney (Actor)

Flight Lieutenant (Movie)

Captain Hall (Actor)

Found Alive (Movie)

Harry Roberts (Actor)

Gambling with Souls (Movie)


Green Eyes (Movie)

Broker (Actor)

Guilty Parents (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

Hotel Imperial (Movie)

Austrian Courier (Actor)

Ladies Crave Excitement (Movie)


Left-Handed Law (Movie)

Tom Willis (Actor)

Love, Honor and Oh Baby! (Movie)

Investigator (Actor)

Men (Movie)

Georges Kieber (Actor)

Miss Bluebeard (Movie)

Larry Charters (Actor)

Murder at Glen Athol (Movie)

Dr. Agnew (Actor)

My Friend, the Devil (Movie)


Navy Secrets (Movie)

Peter (Actor)

One Man's Law (Movie)

Fletcher (Actor)

Pals of the Pecos (Movie)

Stevens (Actor)

Partners of the Trail (Movie)

Edwards (Actor)

Rainbow Trail (Movie)

Lone Eagle (Actor)

Silver Spurs (Movie)

Art Holden (Actor)

Sioux Blood (Movie)

Lone Eagle (Actor)

Ten Nights in a Bar-Room (Movie)

Dr. Romaine (Actor)

The Crooked Circle (Movie)

The Stranger (Actor)

The Dawn Express (Movie)

John Oliver (Actor)

The Fighting Pilot (Movie)

Cardigan (Actor)

The Gunman from Bodie (Movie)


The King Murder (Movie)


The Mad Empress (Movie)


The Murder Man (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

The Saddle Buster (Movie)

Rance (Actor)

The Vampire Bat (Movie)

Emil Borst (Actor)

The World Accuses (Movie)


Wagon Tracks West (Movie)

Robert Warren (Actor)