Robert Dix

Born: 05/08/1935


Actor (11)

Horror of the Blood Monsters 1971 (Movie)


Rebel Rousers 1970 (Movie)


Satan's Sadists 1970 (Movie)

Willie (Actor)

Blood of Dracula's Castle 1969 (Movie)

Johnny (Actor)

Cain's Way 1969 (Movie)


The Gun Riders 1969 (Movie)

Ben Thompson (Actor)

Deadwood '76 1965 (Movie)

Wild Bill Hickock (Actor)

Air Patrol 1962 (Movie)

Sergeant Bob Castle (Actor)

Forty Guns 1957 (Movie)

Chico Bonell (Actor)

The Scarlet Coat 1955 (Movie)

Lieutenant Evans (Actor)

The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (Movie)

Caleb Turner (Actor)
Producer (1)

The Gun Riders 1969 (Movie)

(Associate Producer)
Writer (1)

The Gun Riders 1969 (Movie)