Robert Downey Jr.’s Son So Cute Even Iron Man Would Marvel — PICS

robert downey jr., jay lenoEvery parent thinks their child is the epitome of adorable — and in Robert Downey Jr.‘s case, he just so happens to be right. In a proud display of fatherhood, the actor revealed the first photos of his 8-week-old son Exton Elias during a visit to The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Thursday.

At first, The Avengers star tried to play it coy about sharing the images. “I would get in huge trouble,” Downey teased, telling Leno’s audience, “I have to exercise just a little restraint. I’m sorry.” But he eventually caved in, “I mean. . .if you want me to, I will.” Even Iron Man is impervious to the power of ridiculously cute babies.

The first pic shows Downey’s wife Susan Downey tenderly embracing their beautiful boy while wearing a gold necklace that reads “Exton.” The second is of newborn Exton himself wearing orange pants and a striped hooded sweatshirt. It’s no wonder the 47-year-old star wanted to share these with the world.

Check out the pics below for a first look at Downey’s baby boy and be prepared to be overwhelmed by cuteness.

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