Robert Herron

Born: 09/22/1924


Physical Effects (15)

Buddy 1997 (Movie)

utility stunts (Stunts)

Sneakers 1992 (Movie)


Defenseless 1991 (Movie)


Johnny Handsome 1989 (Movie)


Loverboy 1989 (Movie)

stunt waiter (Stunts)

License to Drive 1988 (Movie)


Sunset 1988 (Movie)


The Kindred 1987 (Movie)


52 Pick-Up 1986 (Movie)


Three Amigos! 1986 (Movie)


Hysterical 1983 (Movie)


Hysterical 1983 (Movie)

(Stunt Coordinator)

Melvin and Howard 1980 (Movie)


The Island 1980 (Movie)


Letter to My Killer (TV Show)

Actor (13)

The Seventh Sign 1988 (Movie)

Jimmy's Guard (Actor)

City Heat 1984 (Movie)


Convoy 1978 (Movie)


Movie Movie 1977 (Movie)

Mover (Actor)

Mr. Billion 1977 (Movie)

Moose the Bodyguard (Actor)

Local Color 1976 (Movie)

Fred (Actor)

The Domino Principle 1976 (Movie)

Brookshire (Actor)

Oklahoma Crude 1973 (Movie)


$ 1971 (Movie)


Star Trek 1966 - 1969 (Tv Show)


The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond 1960 (Movie)

Thug (Actor)

Gun Fury 1952 (Movie)

Curly Jordan (Actor)