Robert Hossein

Actor, Director, Screenwriter
Born: 12/29/1927 in Paris, FR


Actor (34)

Trivial 2007 (Movie)

Antoine Berangere (Actor)

San Antonio 2004 (Movie)


Venus Beauty Institute (French) 2000 (Movie)

M Lachenay--The Pilot (Actor)

Rewind 1998 (Movie)


Maschera di Cera 1997 (Movie)

Boris (Actor)

Les Miserables 1995 (Movie)


L' affaire 1994 (Movie)


Children of Chaos 1989 (Movie)

Robert (Actor)

La Caviar Rouge 1988 (Movie)

Alex (Actor)

Levy et Goliath 1988 (Movie)

Drug Mogul (Actor)

Les Uns et les autres 1984 (Movie)

Simon Meyer (Actor)

Surprise Party 1982 (Movie)

Andre Auerbach (Actor)

Demons du Midi 1979 (Movie)

Metteur En Scene (Actor)

L' Amant de poche 1977 (Movie)

Thug (Actor)

Le Faux-Cul 1974 (Movie)

Kaminsky (Actor)

Le Protecteur 1973 (Movie)

Tantine (Actor)

Don Juan 1973 ou si Don Juan etait une femme 1972 (Movie)

Prevost (Actor)

Helle 1972 (Movie)

Kieber (Actor)

Pretres Interdits 1972 (Movie)

Priest (Actor)

Un Officier de Police sans Importance 1972 (Movie)

Pierre (Actor)

Un Meurtre est un Meurtre 1971 (Movie)

Carouse (Actor)

La Part des Lions 1970 (Movie)

Maurice (Actor)

Le Casse 1970 (Movie)

Ralph (Actor)

La Vie, l'amour, la mort 1969 (Movie)

Man in Film (Actor)

Le Temps des Loups 1969 (Movie)

Robert (Actor)

Point de Chute 1969 (Movie)

Chief (Actor)

Marco the Magnificent 1964 (Movie)

Prince Nayam (Actor)

Vice and Virtue 1963 (Movie)

SS Colonel Schorndorf (Actor)

Love On A Pillow 1962 (Movie)

Renaud Sarti (Actor)

Madame Sans-Gene 1962 (Movie)

Lefebvre (Actor)

Crime and Punishment 1956 (Movie)

Rene Brunel (Actor)

Rififi 1954 (Movie)

Remi Grutter (Actor)

Le Professionnel (Movie)

Rosen (Actor)
Writer (2)

La Caviar Rouge 1988 (Movie)


Point de Chute 1969 (Movie)

Director (2)

La Caviar Rouge 1988 (Movie)


Point de Chute 1969 (Movie)



Andre Hossein

scored some of his son's films



Film acting debut

Bonus Trivia


He was awarded honorary rank as knight by French Legion of Honor in January 1990.