Robert McCann


Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (30)

San Andreas 2015 (Movie)

(San Francisco) (Best Boy Grip)

Steve Jobs 2015 (Movie)

(Best Boy Grip)

Terminator: Genisys 2015 (Movie)

Company Grip(San Francisco Unit) (Grip)

Big Eyes 2014 (Movie)

(San Francisco Unit) (Best Boy Grip)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 2014 (Movie)

(San Francisco) (Best Boy Grip)

Need for Speed 2014 (Movie)

(Mendocino/San Francisco) (Key Rigging Grip)

Blue Jasmine 2013 (Movie)

(Best Boy Grip)

Elysium 2013 (Movie)

(Kerner Optical) (Key Grip)

The Internship 2013 (Movie)

(Northern California) (Best Boy Grip)

Chasing Mavericks 2012 (Movie)

(Best Boy Grip)

Red Tails 2012 (Movie)

(San Francisco) (Key Grip)

The Master 2012 (Movie)


Moneyball 2011 (Movie)

(Oakland) (Key Rigging Grip)

Four Christmases 2008 (Movie)

Best Boy Rigging Grip(San Francisco Unit) (Best Boy Grip)

Milk 2008 (Movie)

(Dolly Grip)

The Pursuit of Happyness 2006 (Movie)

(Best Boy Grip)

Rent 2005 (Movie)

(Best Boy Grip)

The Matrix Revolutions 2003 (Movie)

(U.S. Model Unit) (Best Boy)

The Sweetest Thing 2002 (Movie)

(San Francisco) (Grip)

Nash Bridges 1995 - 2001 (Tv Show)

Key Grip

I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997 (Movie)

(California unit) (Best Boy Grip)

Phenomenon 1996 (Movie)


A Walk in the Clouds 1995 (Movie)

(Napa unit) (Key Grip)

Copycat 1995 (Movie)


Getting Even With Dad 1994 (Movie)

rigging key grip (Key Grip)

Heart and Souls 1993 (Movie)

(San Francisco) (Grip)

Mrs. Doubtfire 1993 (Movie)

dolly grip B camera (Dolly Grip)

So I Married An Axe Murderer 1993 (Movie)

bestboy grip (Dolly Grip)

Back to the Streets of San Francisco (TV Show)

Best Boy Grip
Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (24)

Lorna Doone 2014 (Movie)

hairstyles (Hair)

Lorna Doone 2014 (Movie)


Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus 2006 (Movie)

(for Nicole Kidman) (Hair)

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus 2006 (Movie)

Make-Up(for Nicole Kidman) (Makeup)

Bewitched 2005 (Movie)

Makeup for Ms. Kidman (Makeup)

The Interpreter 2005 (Movie)

Hair & Makeup(for Ms. Kidman) (Hair)

Birth 2004 (Movie)

(to Ms Kidman) (Makeup)

Dogville 2004 (Movie)

(for Nicole Kidman) (Makeup)

The Stepford Wives 2004 (Movie)

(to Ms Kidman) (Makeup Artist)

Cold Mountain 2003 (Movie)

(for Ms Kidman) (Makeup Artist)

The Human Stain 2003 (Movie)

(for Ms Kidman) (Makeup)

Panic Room 2002 (Movie)

(Ms. Foster) (Makeup Artist)

The Others 2001 (Movie)

Nicole Kidman's makeup design & concept (Makeup)

Mission: Impossible 2 2000 (Movie)

(Makeup Artist)

Eyes Wide Shut 1999 (Movie)


Prince Valiant 1998 (Movie)

(Makeup Artist)

The Leading Man 1998 (Movie)

makeup/hair supervisor (Makeup)

When Saturday Comes 1997 (Movie)

(Makeup Artist)

Deadly Advice 1996 (Movie)


Small Faces 1996 (Movie)


Trainspotting 1996 (Movie)


Trainspotting 1996 (Movie)


The Secret Rapture 1994 (Movie)

(Makeup Artist)

The Secret Garden 1993 (Movie)

(Makeup Artist)