Robert Pattinson and Jon Stewart Bond Over Ice Cream

Robert PattinsonWhen the average person goes through a breakup, he grieves personally, and then goes to a good friend or two for a bit of support and advice. When Robert Pattinson goes through a breakup, the entirety of Western civilization comes to a crashing halt, and he goes to the likes of the great Jon Stewart for support and advice.

On Monday night, Pattinson paid a visit to The Daily Show to chat about his upcoming movie, Cosmopolis. Of course, pop culture savvy Stewart couldn’t avoid brining up the more pressing issue of Pattinson’s recent breakup with girlfriend and The Twilight Saga costar, Kristen Stewart (no relation).

Whereas many a talk show host might beat around the bush or approach the situation delicately, Jon Stewart delved right into the humor of the issue, bonding with Pattinson over a pint of ice cream (the best cure for heartbreak, as many will agree).

“OK, let’s just do this,” he said, taking out two pints of Ben & Jerry’s. “Now, we’re just a couple of gals talking. All right… Tell me everything.”

“I’m trying to avoid eating this, I’m going to split my Spanx,” Pattinson deadpanned.

Stewart made the comical observation that when most people go through breakups, it is only those involved that feel like “the world is over.” In terms of Pattinson’s breakup, it is a good percentage of the American public that feels this way — something that even young Pattinson finds ridiculous.

But still Stewart probed Pattinson to find out how the betrayed actor is doing. Pattinson never directly answered the question, and uncomfortably joked that he needs to find profession representation. “This is the weird thing about these interviews… now I’m going to sound like an idiot, but my biggest problem in my life is I’m cheap, and I didn’t hire a publicist,” he said, with a laugh. “And every awkward interview, normally actors get these things scripted. I should have… I’m going to hire a publicist.”

And unfortunately, we can’t all have support systems like Jon Stewart… but then again, we’re not all superstar limo-urinating, elephant-watering vampires. Don’t worry about Pattinson — he’ll be just fine.


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