Robert S Vanstone


Other (11)

The Benefactor 2016 (Movie)

Shop Crafts (Craft Service)

The Visit 2015 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

After Earth 2013 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

Safe 2012 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

Limitless 2011 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

The Last Airbender 2010 (Movie)

Construction Foreperson (Construction Foreman)

The Lovely Bones 2009 (Movie)

Shop Craftsperson (Construction)

The Happening 2008 (Movie)

(Construction Foreman)

Lady in the Water 2006 (Movie)

Construction Gang Boss (Construction)

The Village 2004 (Movie)

Shop Craftsman (Construction)

Signs 2002 (Movie)

Shop Craftsman (Production)