Robert Z'Dar


Actor (36)

Trance (Trampas) 2014 (Movie)

Bongo (Actor)

Unaware 2014 (Movie)


Bad Trip 1998 (Movie)


Lone Tiger 1998 (Movie)


American Chinatown 1995 (Movie)


Destination Vegas 1994 (Movie)


Double Blast 1994 (Movie)

Goose (Actor)

Fatal Pursuit 1994 (Movie)


Silent Fury 1994 (Movie)


Ill Met By Moonlight 1993 (Movie)


Marked For Murder 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Badge of Silence: Maniac Cop III 1992 (Movie)


In a Moment of Passion 1992 (Movie)

Fritz (Actor)

The Legend of Wolf Mountain 1992 (Movie)

Jocko Painter (Actor)

Wild Cactus 1992 (Movie)


Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time 1991 (Movie)

Zavik (Actor)

Dragonfight 1991 (Movie)

Lochaber (Actor)

Mobsters 1991 (Movie)

Rocco (Actor)

Return to Frogtown 1991 (Movie)


The Divine Enforcer 1991 (Movie)


Grotesque 1990 (Movie)


Maniac Cop 2 1990 (Movie)

Matt Cordell (Actor)

Quiet Fire 1990 (Movie)


Soultaker 1990 (Movie)

Angel of Death (Actor)

The Big Sweat 1990 (Movie)

Trudeau (Actor)

The Killers Edge 1990 (Movie)

Miller Richardson (Actor)

Tango & Cash 1989 (Movie)

Face (Actor)

The Final Sanction 1989 (Movie)

Sergei (Actor)

Dead End City 1988 (Movie)

Max (Actor)

Evil Altar 1988 (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

Maniac Cop 1988 (Movie)

Officer Matt Cordell (Actor)

Trained to Kill 1988 (Movie)

Walter Majyk (Actor)

The Night Stalker 1987 (Movie)

Sommers (Actor)

Deadly Currency (TV Show)


Equal Impact (TV Show)


Marked for Murder (Movie)

Biker Convict (Actor)