Robin Johnston


Sound (11)

Just Visiting 2001 (Movie)

(Foley Recordist)

Gladiator 2000 (Movie)

machine room the the final dub (Sound Dubbing)

Being John Malkovich 1999 (Movie)

stage recordist (Sound Re-recordist)

The Pallbearer 1996 (Movie)

stage recordist (Sound Re-recordist)

The Rich Man's Wife 1996 (Movie)

re-recording (Rerecording)

A Hard Rain 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)

Sound Recordist

The Crow 1994 (Movie)

(Sound Recordist)

Cold Heaven 1992 (Movie)

ADR/foley recordist (ADR)

Gas Food Lodging 1992 (Movie)

Machine Operator (Sound)

Love at Large 1990 (Movie)

sound recording (Sound)
Executive (2)

The Borgias 2011 - 2012 (Tv Show)

Production Executive

Eight Days to Live (TV Show)

Executive in Charge of Production
Other (11)

Molly 1999 (Movie)

recordist (Other)

One True Thing 1998 (Movie)

recordist (Other)

Very Bad Things 1998 (Movie)

machine room recordist (Other)

I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997 (Movie)

recordist (Other)

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 1996 (Movie)

recorder(Todd-AO Studios) (Other)

Down Periscope 1996 (Movie)

recordist (Other)

Muppet Treasure Island 1996 (Movie)

re-recordist (Other)

Powder 1995 (Movie)

recordist (Other)

Boxing Helena 1993 (Movie)

loader (Other)

Mistress 1992 (Movie)

machine operator (Other)

Trespass 1992 (Movie)

machine operator (Other)