Robinson Peete ‘disgusted and offended’ by Mayer

The rocker has been mired in controversy following publication of the interview, in which he used the ‘N’ word when talking about his African-American fanbase, and revealed lurid details about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson.

Mayer also used the interview to single out Robinson Peete for praise, calling her “gorgeous”, and the TV star was initially flattered when she found out about the musician’s crush. She told E! Online: “I’m levitating. John Mayer thinks I’m hot.”

But she has since read the full article and is fuming about Mayer’s “racially charged” comments.

She tells, “(Mayer’s comments about me) went from a compliment to being an insult. I foolishly and impulsively commented on a sound bite from the interview and I didn’t know the context at all.

“I was disgusted and offended. It was beyond inappropriate. I went from flattered to flat-out p**sed.

“This guy has some major issues to sort through and a whole lot of apologies to make. I heard some apologies about the N-word, and I’ve seen him crying, which seemed sincere. But I don’t know if he understands how much he hurt black women’s feelings.”

Robinson Peete also revealed the rocker has now reached out to her to explain his behaviour – but she is not accepting his apology.

She adds, “He was very remorseful about the fact that I was inadvertently tangled up into this mess. He reached out to me via email. At this point, it doesn’t feel right for me to totally accept his apology. It’s time for him to really just drop the frat boy act and take responsibility for everything that he said, no matter how painful it’s going to be for him.”