Rochelle Hudson

Actor, Real estate broker
Rochelle Hudson was initially forced into acting by her determined mother, but seemed to warm to it with little effort. Hudson's mature personality made her an easy sell for RKO studios, but while the studio loved the ... Read more »
Born: 03/06/1916 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Actor (28)

The Night Walker 1965 (Movie)

Hilda (Actor)

Strait-Jacket 1964 (Movie)

Emily Cutler (Actor)

That's My Boy 1953 - 1955 (TV Show)


Storm Over Bengal 1937 (Movie)

Joan Lattimore (Actor)

Les Miserables 1934 (Movie)

Cosette (Actor)

Imitation of Life 1933 (Movie)

Jessie Pullman, Age 18 (Actor)

She Done Him Wrong 1932 (Movie)

Sally Glynn (Actor)

Babies for Sale (Movie)

Ruth Williams (Actor)

Curly Top (Movie)

Mary Blair (Actor)

Design for Scandal (Movie)


Doctor Bull (Movie)

Virginia Banning (Actor)

Fanny Foley Herself (Movie)

Carmen (Actor)

Girls Under 21 (Movie)

Frances White (Actor)

Harold Teen (Movie)

Lillums (Actor)

Island of Doomed Men (Movie)

Lorraine Danel (Actor)

Judge Priest (Movie)

Virginia Maydew (Actor)

Lucky Devils (Movie)

Visitor on set (Actor)

Meet Boston Blackie (Movie)

Cecelia Bradley (Actor)

Men without Souls (Movie)

Suzan Leonard (Actor)

Mr. Moto Takes a Chance (Movie)

Victoria Mason (Actor)

Mr. Skitch (Movie)

Emily Skitch (Actor)

Scarlet River (Movie)


Show Them No Mercy! (Movie)

Loretta Martin (Actor)

The Music Goes 'round (Movie)

Susanna Courtney (Actor)

The Penguin Pool Murder (Movie)

Telephone Operator (Actor)

The Savage Girl (Movie)

The Goddess (Actor)

Way Down East (Movie)

Anna Moore (Actor)

Wild Boys of the Road (Movie)

Grace (Actor)


Rochelle Hudson was initially forced into acting by her determined mother, but seemed to warm to it with little effort. Hudson's mature personality made her an easy sell for RKO studios, but while the studio loved the actress, they weren't sold on her age. Fearing that no one would recognize a minor as a viable romantic lead, the studio added two years to her age and claimed she 17, a smart move on their part, as it turns out. Hudson starred in dozens of pictures throughout the 1930s and é40s, most famously as Cosette in "Les Miserables." An interesting character both on and off the set, Hudson wound up marrying four times over the course of her 55 years, and the actress's relationship history became nearly as mythic as her filmography. While married to her second husband, the Disney storyline department head Harold Thompson, Hudson actually engaged in various espionage missions for the U.S. military, as she and Thompson posed as a vacationing family in Mexico. Hudson would marry two more times after her divorce from Thompson, but the acting work kept coming in steadily. Though never receiving much attention from critics, Hudson turned in memorable roles in such classics as the original teen-angst drama "Rebel Without a Cause." She died of pneumonia in 1972, but Hudson's name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame proclaims her rightful place among the movie industry's brightest stars.


Charles Brust

married c. 1955 divorced

Mae Goddard

divorced from Hudson's father c. 1928 survived her

Ollie Hudson

descendant of British explorer Henry Hudson suffered emotional breakdown in 1927 family moved to California divorced from Hudson's mother c. 1928 moved to Kansas

Richard Hyler

worked for LOS ANGELES TIMES married in 1948 divorced in 1950

Robert Mindell

married in 1963 divorced in 1971

Harold Thompson

married in 1939 during WWII they worked together for Naval Intelligence moved to Canada in 1945 divorced in 1947


Ernest Belcher Academy

Hollywood, California
(singing and dancing)



Final film "Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors"


Became partner with her mother in real estate ventures


Resumed her career in "Straight Jacket" and in TV guest appearances


Cast as Natalie Wood's mother in "Rebel Without a Cause"


Was series regular on "That's My Boy"


TV debut in episode of "Racket Squad"


Returned to the USA


Moved to Canada with Thompson


Toured in vaudeville


Played Shirley Temple's older sister in "Curly Top"


Retained by Darryl Zanuck when Twentieth Century-Fox was formed


Resigned with Fox


Cast in "She Done Him Wrong", starring Mae West and Cary Grant


Film debut in "Laugh and Get Rich"


Named a Wampas Baby Star


Made screen test at Fox; signed to six-month contract, although she never made a film


Moved with family to California after father's nervous breakdown

During WWII, worked for US Naval Intelligence with then-husband Harold Thompson

Born in Oklahoma

Remained in California after parents divorce

Offered two-year contract with RKO

By age six was performing in local church pageants

"Retired" from acting and moved to a ranch in Arizona