‘Rocky Horror’s’ 35th Anniversary Performed By ‘Glee’ Stars And Others

Rocky Horror TributeI guess the gleeks weren’t the only ones getting their Time Warps on this week. Last night a star-studded cast brought The Rocky Horror Picture Show to life at a Los Angeles theater in an effort to raise money for Paul Newman’s children’s charity and to celebrate cult musical’s 35th anniversary.

After we witnessed a candy-coated, watered-down version of Rocky Horror on Tuesday night, it’s nice to know that someone’s taking it a little more seriously…or at least doing it right. An ensemble acted as a “shadowcast,” performing select songs while playing the actual film as well.

In an attempt to redeem their Rocky Horror horror on Glee, Matthew Morrison and his onscreen underage student, Lea Michele, took on Brad and Janet. (Yes, they totally kissed and that’s kinda creepy even if it’s not actually weird in real life.) Jorge Garcia (a.k.a Hurley from Lost) was Eddie, George Lopez (I still don’t get why he’s famous) was Doctor Scott, Nicole “Dontcha-wish-your-girlfriend-was-hot-like-me” Scherzinger screeched “Science Fiction/ Double Feature” as Trixie. (And I’m not even halfway through the names, guys.)

Rocky Horror Tribute 2

It seems that some parts were hard to come by – many roles were filled by multiple stars including Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito, who shared the role of the Criminologist. Oh-so evil Jan from The Office (Melora Hardin)aptly stepped into the role as Columbia and Evan Rachel Wood gave Dianna Agron’s Magenta (on Glee) a run for her money and both ladies flanked Nip Tuck’s Julian McMahon who took on Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s iconic banana hammock. (Yes, I went there.)

From the looks of the clips from the show, the production was probably more fun for the cast than it was accurate, but they apparently had the seal of approval from members of the original cast. Tim Curry (Frank-N-Furter: original recipe) and the film’s Brad, Barry Bostwick jumped onstage to help the cast get down for the Time Warp. Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that Glee got totally out-gleeked. Sorry, kids.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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