Rodd Redwing

Born: 08/24/1904


Actor (14)

Charro! 1969 (Movie)

Lige (Actor)

Shalako 1968 (Movie)

Chato's Father (Actor)

Apache Uprising 1965 (Movie)


Sergeants 3 1961 (Movie)

Irregular (Actor)

Flaming Star 1960 (Movie)

Indian Brave (Actor)

Heller in Pink Tights 1960 (Movie)

Indian (Actor)

The Flame Barrier 1957 (Movie)

Waumi (Actor)

The Mole People 1956 (Movie)


Cattle Queen of Montana 1954 (Movie)

Powhani (Actor)

Elephant Walk 1954 (Movie)


The Creature From the Black Lagoon 1954 (Movie)

Louis (Actor)

The Naked Jungle 1954 (Movie)


Flight to Tangier 1953 (Movie)

Police Orderly (Actor)

Rancho Notorious 1952 (Movie)

Rio (Actor)
Other (2)

El Dorado 1966 (Movie)

(Technical Advisor)

Warlock 1958 (Movie)

(firearms) (Technical Advisor)


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