Roger Christian


Music (18)

Love & Mercy 2015 (Movie)

("Don't Worry Baby") (Song)

The Wrecking Crew 2015 (Movie)

("The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena)") (Song)

Deja Vu 2006 (Movie)

"Don't Worry Baby" (Song)

War of the Worlds 2005 (Movie)

("Little Deuce Coupe") (Song)

Never Been Kissed 1999 (Movie)

("Don't Worry Baby") (Song)

Underworld 1997 (Movie)

("My Pop") (Song)

Sunchaser 1996 (Movie)

("So Young") (Song)

Downtown 1990 (Movie)

("Shut Down") (Song)

Tequila Sunrise 1988 (Movie)

("Don't Worry Baby") (Song)

Good Morning, Vietnam 1987 (Movie)

("Don't Worry Baby") (Song)

More American Graffiti 1979 (Movie)

("Dead Man's Curve") (Song)

Cruisin' 1976 (Movie)

songs("Bucket 'T'" "The Window Coupe") (Song)

Return to Macon County 1975 (Movie)


Bikini Beach 1964 (Movie)

songs (Song)

Ski Party 1964 (Movie)

("Ski Party") (Song)

Beach Party 1963 (Movie)

songs("Beach Party" "Swingin' and a-Surfin'" "Secret Surfin' Spot") (Song)

Muscle Beach Party 1963 (Movie)

songs (Song)

Ride the Wild Surf 1963 (Movie)

title song (Song)
Actor (1)

Beach Party 1963 (Movie)

Beach Boy (Actor)