Roger Ebert Regrets Tweet About Ryan Dunn

roger ebertNo bad deed goes unpunished and Roger Ebert is reaping what he sewed after his terrible tweets about Ryan Dunn‘s death hit the web. Ebert has blogged about the situation on his website saying, “To begin with, I offer my sympathy to Ryan Dunn’s family and friends, and to those of Zachary Hartwell, who also died in the crash. I mean that sincerely. It is tragic to lose a loved one.”  In other words – I’m sorry I was such a douche and didn’t consider your feelings before I made jokes at Dunn’s expense.  He continues his little turn-around by saying “I also regret that my tweet about the event was considered cruel. It was not intended as cruel. It was intended as true.”  So you’re not sorry you said it, but you’re sorry that we all didn’t like it and got mad at you….got it.  Ebert states that he made his claims based off of preliminary reports, but counters by saying, “I don’t know what happened in this case, and I was probably too quick to tweet. That was unseemly.”  Just a tad.  He still continues to defend the message in his tweet emphasizing that, “people should NOT drink and drive”  Another good piece of advice: no tweeting before thinking. 

Sorry or not, these actions come with repercussions.  Facebook suspended Ebert’s page (if only there was a way to ‘like’ this).  Ebert wrote in response on his Twitter account, “Facebook has removed my page in response, apparently, to malicious complaints from one or two jerks.”  Well that’s certainly a way to go about making friends again.  Facebook explained by saying, “Among other things, pages that are hateful, threatening or obscene are not allowed.”  Nothing lasts forever though.  Ebert’s fans spoke out on Twitter, and the page was back and live on Facebook again within an hour.  Facebook spokesman, Andrew Noyes, commented, “The page was was removed in error. We apologize for the inconvenience.”  Sounds like Ebert isn’t the only one going back on things he’s said.

Sources: THR, TMZ