Ronny Gosselin


Art Department (7)

Upside Down 2013 (Movie)

(Model Maker)

Mirror Mirror 2012 (Movie)

Model Supervisor (Model Maker)

Source Code 2011 (Movie)

Model Supervisor (Model Maker)

Journey to the Center of the Earth 2008 (Movie)

Model Supervisor (Model Maker)

The Spiderwick Chronicles 2008 (Movie)

(Model Maker)

The Fountain 2006 (Movie)

(Model Maker)

Barney's Great Adventure 1998 (Movie)

prop coordinator(special effects) (Props)
Visual Effects & Animation (6)

X-Men: Apocalypse 2016 (Movie)

Spfx Technician (Special Effects Technician)

The Revenant 2015 (Movie)

Special Effects Senior Technician (Special Effects Technician)

X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 (Movie)

SPFX Technician (Special Effects Technician)

Rollerball 2002 (Movie)

model maker (Visual Effects)

Barney's Great Adventure 1998 (Movie)

key model maker(special effects) (Visual Effects)

Silent Trigger (TV Show)

Visual Effects
Executive (2)

Battlefield Earth 2000 (Movie)

model shop supervisor (Supervisor)

The Bone Collector 1999 (Movie)

model supervisor(Montreal) (Supervisor)
Physical Effects (2)

The Day After Tomorrow 2004 (Movie)

SPFX Animatronic(Maestro Studio F/X Inc) (Animatronics)

Someone Is Watching (TV Show)

Puppets Design