Roseanne Barr Tells Leno She Is Running For President

roseanne barrI’m noticing a few trends lately with our Hollywood stars. Some celebs are heading back to daytime soap operas and others are trying to take over the White House. I had no idea the bad economy was affecting the entertainment industry so badly — the stars must be hard up on work. Either way, some of our entertainers are dead set on proving to us that their talents extend outside the acting realm and into the political world.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show yesterday, Roseanne Barr announced that she plans on running for President of the United States in the 2012 election. The actress tells Jay, “I’m totally serious,” implying that if Sarah Palin can have a go at the hot seat then pretty much anyone could. Ms. Barr adds, “I want to be part of the debates because I want to represent the tax payer. In fact, I’m choosing the tax payers as my vice president.” Which political party would the actress join? Barr stated, “I’m not for either party because they both suck and they’re both a bunch of criminals. So I made up my own party. It’s the Green Tea Party.” It’s thinking like this which is going to put our economy right back on track.

This isn’t the first time a celeb has teased about running as a means to increase the ratings of their show — I’m looking at you Donald Trump. Roseanne recently began her own reality show on Lifetime where cameras follow her around on a Hawaiian nut farm for Roseanne’s Nuts. Let’s see if this little promotional technique works in her favor.

Source: Hollywood Gossip