Celebrate Rosh Hashanah With These Apples and Honey-Laden Pop Culture Parody Songs

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L’shana tova! Rosh Hashanah is upon us, and as Jews around the world celebrate the start of the year 5774, it’s a time to reflect on ancient traditions like blowing the shofar and eating apples dipped in honey. Or giving those ancient traditions a pop culture makeover, as the cheeky creators of a bunch of Rosh Hashanah parody songs have done. Big names like Adam Sandler and Theodore Bikel may have created original songs for Hannukah, but intrepid YouTubers have taken it upon themselves to honor the Jewish New Year with ditties based on songs like “Get Lucky,” “Gold Digger,” and “My Sharona.” Here are some of the best that prove that YouTube is becoming the new Borscht Belt.

Eric Niederman — “Get Lucky”/”Dipping Apples in Honey” Parody

“Get Clarity” — Orthodox Rabbis Take on “Get Lucky” in front of the Wailing Wall

“Shofar Callin'”

“Dip Your Apple” — Based on Shakira’s “Waka Waka”

“Soul Bigger” — Based on “Gold Digger”

“Rosh Hashanah”/”My Sharona”

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