Rosie O’Donnell Has A New Girlfriend

This seems to be turning into quite a successful year for Rosie O’Donnell — new job, new attitude, and now a new woman! Rosie, who returns to TV Oct. 10 with a new talk program, The Rosie Show, on Oprah‘s OWN network, introduced her new girlfriend Michelle Rounds Monday night at O’Donnell’s annual Rosie Theater Kids Gala in New York City. So how did these two lovebirds meet? It turned out caffeine played a hand in the match-making game. A source close to the pair revealed, “They met at a Starbucks a few months ago. They are adorable together and are very, very happy.”

Rounds, a corporate head hunter for an IT company in New York City, certainly seems to be putting a smile on the talk show host’s face. Rosie even joked onstage at the gala that she had just bought a new red bra “with the underpants that match and everything.” It looks like those estrogen injections are really working out for her and making her a much less hostile person (wait, does that mean no more Trump jokes?). It’s nice that the former View host has found love again and can resume her title as the Queen of Nice.

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Source: People