Roth rages over Geldof scandal

Bob Geldof’s wildchild daughter was embroiled in controversy last month (Mar10) when the naked snaps appeared on the internet, along with a story from Ben Bluett-Mills, who claims to have enjoyed a night of passion with Geldof in Los Angeles last year (09).

Bluett-Mills also insists he took drugs with Geldof during the encounter – a claim which was strenuously denied by the star’s lawyers.

Geldof lost a lucrative deal with lingerie firm Ultimo after the scandal broke, and Roth has now written an open letter to Bluett-Mills’ mother to express his anger over the incident – accusing her son of ruining the socialite’s career.

In a post on his page, addressed to Meredith Bluett-Mills, Roth writes, “Your son took a bright, intelligent, incredibly creative young writer and damaged her ability to work until people forget about this or dismiss it as nonsense.

“Not only has your son’s horrible lies (sic) painted Peaches as ‘dangerous’ to many who would potentially hire her, but companies like Ultimo Underwear are using this ‘scandal’ as a reason to fire Peaches by saying she is not a role model for young girls.

“And for what? Some psychotic story your son made up that people were all too ready to believe. Stories your son clearly read before he made up that post. He knew exactly what he was writing, the details were far too calculated.”

And Roth is convinced Bluett-Mills only accused Geldof of taking drugs after learning about her mother Paul Yates’ tragic death from a heroin overdose.

He adds, “She has worked hard to grow up and overcome her troubled past. Your son used the most painful events from someone’s past to make himself famous, and it worked.”