Rowe: ‘I Want My Kids’

Michael Jackson‘s ex-wife Debbie Rowe has added to the controversies surrounding the death of the pop superstar by insisting, “I want my kids.”

In her first official comments since the death of Jackson last week, Rowe, who is the biological mother of the King of Pop’s two eldest kids, Prince Michael and Paris, has told a local California TV news reporter she plans to fight for the custody of her children.

Jackson’s mother Katherine has been granted temporary guardianship of Paris, Prince Michael and their brother Prince Michael II, who was born to an unknown surrogate — and Rowe has been purposely cut out of her ex-husband’s will.

In documents Jackson signed in 2002, the singer states bluntly, “I have intentionally omitted to provide for my former wife, DEBORAH JEAN ROWE JACKSON.”

In his will, which was filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Jackson insists his mother should be given custody of his three children — and, if she’s dead or infirm at the time of the singer’s death, guardianship should pass to his longtime friend Diana Ross.

But that isn’t going to stop Rowe from contesting her role in the future of her kids with Jackson.

Speaking to NBC reporter Chuck Henry, Rowe says, “I want my children.”

The former nurse has also stated that she’s willing to undergo DNA tests to prove she’s the children’s biological mother after reports earlier this week suggested neither she nor Jackson are the true parents.

Rowe reportedly spent 90 minutes chatting to Henry by phone on Thursday morning.

She also told the newsman she plans to seek a restraining order to keep Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, away from the children.

Rowe was married to Jackson in 1996 and filed for divorce three years later. She previously surrendered her parental rights. An appeals court later found that was done in error, and Rowe and Jackson entered an out-of-court settlement in 2006.

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