Russell Crowe Is a Big Ryan Gosling Fan

Ryan Gosling DriveRyan Gosling fans the world over can rejoice. We aren’t the only ones who “get it.” Actor Russell Crowe is part of the baby goose flock too. The actor tweeted (in a bit of a delayed reaction to Tuesday’s Oscar nominations), “Ryan Gosling didn’t get an Academy nomination? There’s some bulls**t right there.” Gosling starred in two fantastic and particularly noteworthy films this year – Drive and The Ides of March – neither of which earned him a nod from the Academy.

Of course, Crowe’s outcry is just a drop in the bucket of Twitter users who lamented the Gos’ lack of praise from the academy. Still, it’s nice to know that those of us under the Gosling spell haven’t just been lulled into complacency by his mind-bendingly perfect physical form or charming smile or disarming indie style or his unrelenting love for his dog and the use of the word “gynasium.” That talent is real, Russell Crowe says so. (Though we’d be on board even if he wasn’t.)

Still, there you have it. Validation in its truest form: a 140-character (or less) tweet.

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Source: Vulture