Ruth Donnelly

Actor, Chorus girl
Born: 05/17/1896 in Trenton, New Jersey, USA


Actor (54)

The Way to the Gold 1957 (Movie)

Mrs Williams (Actor)

Autumn Leaves 1956 (Movie)

Liz (Actor)

A Lawless Street 1955 (Movie)

Molly Higgins (Actor)

The Spoilers 1955 (Movie)

Duchess (Actor)

The Bells of St. Mary's 1945 (Movie)

Sister Michael (Actor)

This Is the Army 1942 (Movie)


Johnny Doughboy 1941 (Movie)


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939 (Movie)

Mrs. Hopper (Actor)

My Little Chickadee 1939 (Movie)

Aunt Lou (Actor)

Army Girl 1937 (Movie)

Leila Kennett (Actor)

Portia on Trial 1936 (Movie)

Jane Wilkins (Actor)

Cain and Mabel 1935 (Movie)


Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 1935 (Movie)

Mabel Dawson (Actor)

Female 1933 (Movie)

Miss Frothingham (Actor)

Wonder Bar 1933 (Movie)


Footlight Parade 1932 (Movie)

Mrs, Gould (Actor)

Ladies They Talk About 1932 (Movie)

Noonan (Actor)

Transatlantic 1930 (Movie)

Burbank (Actor)

A Slight Case of Murder (Movie)

Nora Marco (Actor)

Alibi Ike (Movie)

Bess (Actor)

Annabel Takes a Tour (Movie)

Josephine (Actor)

Blessed Event (Movie)

Miss Stevens (Actor)

Bureau of Missing Persons (Movie)

Gwendolyn "Pete" Harris (Actor)

Cinderella Jones (Movie)

Cora Elliott (Actor)

Employees' Entrance (Movie)

Miss Hall (Actor)

Ever in My Heart (Movie)

Lizzie (Actor)

Fatal Lady (Movie)

Melba York (Actor)

Fighting Father Dunne (Movie)

Kate Mulvey (Actor)

Hands Across the Table (Movie)

Laura (Actor)

Happiness Ahead (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

Hard to Handle (Movie)

Lil Waters (Actor)

Housewife (Movie)

Dora Wilson (Actor)

Jewel Robbery (Movie)

Berta, the Maid (Actor)

Lilly Turner (Movie)

Edna (Actor)

Little Miss Broadway (Movie)


Make Me a Star (Movie)

The Countess (Actor)

Mandalay (Movie)

Mrs. Peters (Actor)

Maybe It's Love (Movie)

Florrie Sands (Actor)

Meet the Missus (Movie)

Lil Higgins (Actor)

Model Wife (Movie)

Mrs. Milo Everett (Actor)

More Than a Secretary (Movie)

Helen Davis (Actor)

Pillow to Post (Movie)

Mrs. Wingate (Actor)

Rainbow Trail (Movie)

Abigail (Actor)

Rise and Shine (Movie)

Mame (Actor)

The Affairs of Annabel (Movie)

Josephine (Actor)

The Amazing Mr. Williams (Movie)

Effie (Actor)

The Gay Vagabond (Movie)

Kate Dixon (Actor)

The Merry Wives of Reno (Movie)

Lois (Actor)

The Secret of Convict Lake (Movie)

Mary (Actor)

The Snake Pit (Movie)

Ruth (Actor)

The Traveling Saleslady (Movie)

Millicent Twitchell (Actor)

The White Cockatoo (Movie)

Mrs. Felicia Byng (Actor)

Where the Sidewalk Ends (Movie)

Martha (Actor)

You Belong To Me (Movie)

Emma (Actor)



First film as actress


Debut as chorus girl