Ruth Rendell


Writer (11)

The New Girlfriend 2015 (Movie)

(from novel: "The New Girlfriend and Other Stories of Suspense") (Source Material)

The Keys to the Street 2014 (Movie)

(from nove: "Keys to the Street") (Source Material)

A Sight for Sore Eyes 2004 (Movie)

(novel: A Sight for Sore Eyes) (Source Material)

Alias Betty 2002 (Movie)

("The Tree of Hands/ Un enfant pour un autre") (Source Material (from novel))

Front Seat 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)

Source Material (from novel)

Live Flesh 1998 (Movie)

("Live Flesh") (Source Material (from novel))

La Cérémonie 1996 (Movie)

("A Judgement in Stone") (Source Material (from novel))

A Demon in My View 1991 (Movie)

("A Demon in My View") (Source Material (from novel))

Tree of Hands 1989 (Movie)

(Source Material (from novel))

The Housekeeper 1987 (Movie)

("A Judgment in Stone") (Source Material (from novel))

Gallowglass (TV Show)

Source Material (from novel)