Rutherford helps Settle through split

Rutherford filed for divorce from Daniel Giersch in December 2008 while she was pregnant with their second child, and the couple subsequently became embroiled in a bitter custody fight over their two kids.

Settle ended his romance with his model wife Naama Nativ last month (Feb10), and while his rep denied reports of a real-life romance with Rutherford, she admits they have been been comforting one another by chatting about their toddlers.

She tells, “He’s going through his own thing, I’m going through my own thing – we kind of just support each other. We both have small children that we really love, so we both just talk about them the whole time. Matthew was saying his daughter just took her first steps the other day, and he was kind of teary-eyed – it was just beautiful.”

The actress insists her main priority is her children, adding, “(Dating) is not really my focus at the moment. If it happens, great, but I have the two most beautiful little ones, a great job, and it’s really all-consuming.”