Rutherford turns to Aguilera in divorce battle

The actress obtained a temporary restraining order against Daniel Giersch earlier this week (begs21Sep09) after accusing him of following and threatening her.

The couple is in the middle of a messy divorce and custody battle over their son Hermes, two, and three-month-old daughter Helena.

But Rutherford is refusing to let their troubles get her down – and is hoping her public fight with Giersch will inspire women in similar situations.

She tells, “I have it very lucky even though in my personal life right now I’m going through a very challenging time. I do know that there are women that I can help somehow because they’re going through a much tougher time.

“My mom’s been through it too. I mean, not in the way that I’m going through it, but she understands. She is hysterical. She sent me that Christina Aguilera song Stronger and that’s when I’m laughing and crying at the same time, like, ‘Mom, I love you!'”