Watch Ryan Gosling Make Boring Human Behavior Adorable on the Side of a Highway

In the earliest days of the motion picture, captivated filmgoers would travel miles to see a three-second shot of somebody sneezing. With the influx of high-flying superhero flicks and bombastic big screen explosions, this appreciation of the minimalistic has all but dissipated… except when it comes to Ryan Gosling. People will watch him do anything. People will create GIFs of him nodding humbly or talking about cereal. People will hide out on the side of the highway just to film him standing around in the woods.

The above video, courtesy of some dedicated Goslingists, captures the first-time director in the throes of production on his film How to Catch a Dragon. While the events therein might seem boring and bland if a normal person was doing them, Gosling somehow manages to make them all quite dreamy. Here’s a detailed analysis of all of his unforgettable endeavors in the clip:

He Spins
Slowly in a circle as the video opens, contemplating his next creative move.

He Swoops
Through a sea of his crewmen at the :08 mark, emerging at the other side of the cluster for a new perspective on the woodland scene.

He Cocks His Cap
At :14, with just a dash of debutante debonair.

He Nudges Up Just a Little Too Close
To his cameraman, eliciting at first a nervous flinch, followed by a sigh of relief. Fear not, nameless worker. It’s only the Gos. Witness the enviable exchange at the :20 mark.

He Disappears, Briefly
An aching Ryatus from :44 to 1:05. Don’t leave us again, baby goose.

Credit: Deano/Andy/Splash News

He Claps Thrice
Starting at 1:14, this trinity of applauses signifies the boyish glee coursing through Gosling at even the slowest of moments. So you know everything is going to be okay.

He Jumps, a Little
Ah, now things are really getting colorful! Did you catch that giddy bounce at 1:21?

He Stretches
Stretching is important. Case in point: 1:36.

He Touches His Cameraman’s Back
Again with this guy! What has he got that we haven’t got? Brew with contempt at 1:48.

He Climbs Over the Side of a Bridge
Whoa, hey, Ry-Ry, what are you doing? That’s kind of dangerous. Go back! Go back!

But then… the video cuts out… 

Does Ryan Gosling make it back to safety? Does the film ever get made? Does the son of the woman shooting the whole thing ever hit the EMS guy? Find out on the next exciting episode of Gosling Watch!

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