Hollywood.com Gets Completely Taken Over by Ryan Gosling, Nobody Seems to Mind

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling, Google

The problem with this world, and with the laws of physics by which it so stubbornly abides, is that Ryan Gosling can only be in one place at one time. He can save somebody from a car accident, stop a fight between a street artist and a would-be thief, or dazzle as a romantic lead steeped in offbeat charm. But he can’t do these things simultaneously … or, he couldn’t. Until now.

Some of the greatest scientists our society has at bay (in other words, the people at Hey Girl) have set to work to get Ryan Gosling everywhere. Entire websites — Hollywood.com, for instance — have undergone a Ryan Gosling takeover, with all images of far less impressive celebrities (Oscar winners, Nobel laureates, world leaders) being replaced by the wry mug of the baby Goose. Take a gander at Hollywood.com Goslingified below, and click the image for a larger version (that’s even more pixels of Gos, guys). 

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling, Google

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