Sam Mendes to Shoot Next-Gen iPhone Commercial?

Sam MendesOscar-winning director Sam Mendes has reportedly been commissioned by Apple to shoot promos for the upcoming fourth-generation iPhone. Sorry — the rumored upcoming fourth-generation iPhone.

Engadget is reporting that the American Beauty filmmaker’s commercials will showcase the next iPhone’s most buzzworthy function: video chat.

The promo will feature a mother-daughter video chat using the phone’s supposed front-facing camera, says Engadget.

The iPhone 4G is all but guaranteed to be unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on June 7 at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (aka Earth-Shattering Announcement Summit) in San Francisco.

As for Mendes, aside from temporarily stepping down to the really, really small screen — and aside from those pesky James Bond rumors — he has been attached to a possible Wizard of Oz prequel potentially starring Robert Downey Jr..