Samir Guesmi

Born: 10/07/1967


Actor (30)

L' effet aquatique 2016 (Movie)

Samir (Actor)

My Revolution 2016 (Movie)

Moncef (Actor)

The Returned 2013, 2015 (Tv Show)


The Transporter Refueled 2015 (Movie)

Inspector Bectaoui (Actor)

Camille Redouble 2012 (Movie)

Éric (Actor)

Granny's Funeral 2012 (Movie)


La Cerise Sur Le Gâteau 2012 (Movie)

Maxime (Actor)

The Woman in the Fifth 2012 (Movie)

Sezer (Actor)

Télé Gaucho 2012 (Movie)


A Few Days of Respite 2011 (Movie)


Queen of Montreuil 2011 (Movie)

Samir (Actor)

Outside the Law 2010 (Movie)

Otmani (Actor)

L' avocat 2009 (Movie)


A Christmas Tale 2008 (Movie)

Spatafora, the family friend at Roubaix (Actor)

Le Mozart Des Pickpockets 2008 (Movie)


Leur Morale Et La Notre 2008 (Movie)

Boualem Malik (Actor)

Andalucia 2007 (Movie)

Yacine (Actor)

Anna M. 2007 (Movie)


Trivial 2007 (Movie)


District B13 2006 (Movie)

Jamel (Actor)

Selon Charlie 2006 (Movie)


La Mentale: The Code 2004 (Movie)

Daniel (Actor)

Loser Takes All 2003 (Movie)

Albert (Actor)

L' Afrance 2001 (Movie)

Khalid (Actor)

Adios 1997 (Movie)


Bewildered Malik 1996 (Movie)

Malik (Actor)

Halfmoon 1996 (Movie)

Lahcen (Actor)

La Vie Parisienne 1994 (Movie)


Savage Nights 1994 (Movie)

Jamel (Actor)

IP5 1992 (Movie)

Saddam (Actor)