Samuel L. Jackson’s Virginity, ‘Gossip Girl: The Movie’? and More News You...

Samuel L. Jackson’s Virginity, ‘Gossip Girl: The Movie’? and More News You Might Have Missed

Samuel L. Jackson
World premiere of DreamWorks Animation 'Turbo' Featuring: Samuel L. Jackson Where: Barcelona, Spain When: 25 Jun 2013 Credit: Sean Thorton/ **Not Available for Publication in Spain and France**

Samuel L. Jackson

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Sometimes, you need a break from awards shows and Miley Cyrus. Here is some celebrity news that flew under the radar this week.

Samuel L. Jackson reveals that he lost his virginity at 11. 
Decide whether his story is disturbing or bad-ass after you read the Playboy article (the story is on page 2, though the whole interview is pretty great).

Rihanna posts Instagram photo with protected species, arrests ensue.
The monkey she shouldn’t have been posing with is just the beginning of Rihanna’s crazy time in Thailand. Read the details at The Daily Mail.

Kelly Rutherford aka Lily van der Woodsen-Humphrey-Whatever discusses a Gossip Girl movie. 
But nothing’s set in stone, guys, and we really doubt that Blake Lively would be down. Read on at Vulture.

The NFL is still pissed at M.I.A.
Remember when she flipped us off at the half-time show? We sort of have a sense that it did once happen, but The Hollywood Reporter has the story. 

Kanye West engages in pleasant interaction with paparazzi. 
Kanye – making news because he didn’t have a meltdown. Read the story and watch the video of the non-event at TMZ.

George R.R. Martin talks GoT vs. LoTR. 
Find out which series the Game of Thrones author decided was best at The A.V. Club.

Robin Williams answers questions on Reddit. 
Read about some of its best moments on CinemaBlend.

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