Sandra Bullock Is Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actress

sandra bullockSandra Bullock may have had a year that was worse than that two-legged lamb‘s first few weeks of life, but she’s making up for it in other ways! Forbes’ annual list of Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actresses listed her in the top spot, having raked in $56 million between June 2009 and June 2010 for The Proposal (which earned $320 million on a budget of $40 million) and The Blind Side (which made $310 million on a $30 million budget). Jesse James can clean his own damn motorcycles.

Reese Witherspoon came in second, who made a respectable $32 million over the last year. Though she hasn’t appeared on screen since Four Christmases in 2008, she did lend her voice to the animated flick Monsters Vs. Aliens. But her spot on the list is largely due in part to two upcoming roles: James L. Brooks’s How Do You Know and the film version of the book, Water For Elephants with Robert Pattinson. Ryan Phillippe may as well have gotten paid in library books for MacGruber.

Cameron Diaz pulls in at number three, as Knight and Day and all the Shrek movies pulled in an impressive $2.8 billion around the world. Jennifer Aniston sealed the fourth spot with $27 million, despite the questionable Love Happens and The Bounty Hunter. She is, however, expected to impress us in The Switch with Jason Bateman and Just Go With It with Adam Sandler. She also just came out with a perfume, but I expect more from a jelly doughnut than that scent as a serious entrepreneurial venture. And finally, Sarah Jessica Parker placed fifth, having made $25 million. Obviously, that’s due in large part to Sex and the City‘s continuing appeal. And even though it wasn’t particularly enjoyable, Sex and the City 2 did make $280 million at the box office…but lots of the jokes were racist. Trade-offs, everyone! We gotta make ’em! SJP also makes perfumes too, which I happen to know are successful because I own them.

So how are all these numbers calculated? I’ll tell you since you asked so nicely. The people at Forbes talked to managers, agents, producers and lawyers (lawyers?) in order to determine what, exactly, each actress was paid for each movie. They also considered the figures the actors were given up front for any current productions, and they also considered ad campaigns. Sorry Drew Barrymore, looks like this means you’ve gotta stop arguing for the success of Whip It!

Source: ABC News