Sandrine Bonnaire

Born: 05/31/1967 in France


Actor (45)

Bonobos: Back to the Wild 2015 (Movie)

Claudine André (Voice)

The Final Lesson 2015 (Movie)

Diane (Actor)

Salaud, on t'aime. 2014 (Movie)

Nathalie Béranger (Actor)

Queen to Play 2011 (Movie)

Hélène (Actor)

Mesrine: Killer Instinct 2010 (Movie)


A Simple Heart 2008 (Movie)

Felicite (Actor)

Mark of an Angel 2008 (Movie)


Demandez La Permission Aux Enfants! 2007 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

Her Name is Sabine 2007 (Movie)


Je Crois Que Je L'Aime 2007 (Movie)

Elsa (Actor)

Cou de la girafe, le 2006 (Movie)


Intimate Strangers 2004 (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

L' Equipier 2004 (Movie)

Mabe (Actor)

C'Est La Vie 2001 (Movie)

Suzanne (Actor)

Mademoiselle 2001 (Movie)

Claire (Actor)

East-West 2000 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

Never Ever 2000 (Movie)

Sarah Maloney (Actor)

One Hundred and One Nights 1999 (Movie)

Actor for a Day (Actor)

Secret Defense 1999 (Movie)

Sylvie Rousseau (Actor)

The Colour of Lies 1999 (Movie)

Viviane Sterne (Actor)

Family 1998 (Movie)


Voleur de vie 1998 (Movie)

Olga (Actor)

Die Schuld der Liebe 1996 (Movie)

Monika Besse (Actor)

La Cérémonie 1996 (Movie)

Sophie (Actor)

Secrets Shared With a Stranger 1995 (Movie)

Natalia (Actor)

Jeanne la Pucelle 1994 (Movie)

Jeanne (Actor)

The Plague 1992 (Movie)

Martine Rambert (Actor)

Prague 1991 (Movie)

Elena (Actor)

The Sky Above Paris 1991 (Movie)

Suzanne (Actor)

La Captive du desert 1990 (Movie)

Kidnap Victim (Actor)

Monsieur Hire 1990 (Movie)

Alice (Actor)

Verso Sera 1990 (Movie)

Stella (Actor)

La Revolution Francaise 1989 (Movie)


Peaux de vaches 1989 (Movie)

Annie (Actor)

Quelques jours avec moi 1989 (Movie)

Francine (Actor)

Under Satan's Sun 1989 (Movie)

Mouchette (Actor)

Jaune revolver 1987 (Movie)


Les Innocents 1987 (Movie)

Jeanne (Actor)

La Puritaine 1986 (Movie)

Manon (Actor)

Police 1986 (Movie)

Lydie--the Prostitute (Actor)

Vagabond 1986 (Movie)

Mona Bergeron -- the Vagabond (Actor)

Blanche et Marie 1985 (Movie)


A nos amours 1984 (Movie)

Suzanne (Actor)

Tir a Vue 1984 (Movie)

Marilyn (Actor)

La Meilleur de la Vie 1983 (Movie)

Veronique (Actor)
Writer (2)

Maddened By His Absence 2012 (Movie)


Her Name is Sabine 2007 (Movie)

Director (2)

Maddened By His Absence 2012 (Movie)


Her Name is Sabine 2007 (Movie)



William Hurt Actor

Met 1991 while filming "The Plague" (1992) Also acted together in "Secrets Shared with a Stranger" (1995)

Jeanne Hurt

born c. February 1994 father, William Hurt



Cast in the Oscar-nominated Best Foreign-Language Film "East-West," playing the unhappy wife of a Russian doctor who returns to his homeland


Played a cancer researcher who becomes embroiled in her brother's problems in "Secret Defense," directed by Jacques Rivette


Second film with William Hurt, "Secrets Shared with a Stranger/Confidences a un inconnu"


Reteamed with Agnes Varda for "One Hundred and One Nights" in a small role


Portrayed the Maid of Orleans in Jacques Rivette's "Joan the Maid"


Played opposite William Hurt in "The Plague"


First English-language film, "Prague"


Acted in Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire"


Had the leading role in Andre Techine's "Les Innocents"


Third feature "Sous le soleil de Satan", directed by Pialat


Starred in the title role in Agnes Varda's "Vagabond"


Second film with Pialat, "Police"


Mad her film acting debut in "A nos amours/To Out Loves," directed by Maurice Pialat


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