Sarah McLaughlin’s Cat Went Insane and She Had to Put It Down

Cute Cat

Sarah McLaughlin, well known as a lover of animals, had to euthanize her cat “The Monster” several years ago after it went completely crazy. “He literally went insane and tried to kill me,” McLaughlin says. “It was a weird thing. I had this cat for 8 years and out of nowhere he violently attacked me. I had to take him to the vet a bunch of times and we tried putting him on antidepressants but he just didn’t improve and we had to put him to sleep.”

McLaughlin says that her vet explained that her cat’s sudden shift of demeanor was probably caused by a brain tumor or some other ailment. “He was a big cat and they’re very powerful when they pounce,” she says about the initial attack. “He pounced on my ankle and he had me trapped and I was profusely bleeding. There was a huge stain on my old couch.”

Ever since the attack McLaughlin says that she is really scared of other cats. “When I think about living with a cat again, it makes my heart race,” she says. “I’m fine when I’m around cats that I know that are sweet and kind, but if I don’t know it, I won’t go anywhere near it.” She says that she might try getting a dog before living with another cat.

Sarah McLaughlin can’t stand those late night ASPCA ads with the faces of injured cats and dogs set to the song “Arms of an Angel” that play to our pity in order to convince us to sponsor animals that have been abused. “They are the worst. I can’t watch them,” says McLaughlin. “Animal suffering kills me more than anything. I get all upset and I have to turn it off.”

Sarah McLaughlin

McLaughlin, 33, a jewelry designer who lives in Washington, D.C., says that she attended the first Lillith Fair in 1996 and her friends had plenty of fun telling all the other concert goers that she has the same name as the Canadian headliner (even though the famous Sarah spells her last name McLachlan). “Everyone asked to see my drivers license to prove it was real,” she says. “Who would lie about having the same name as someone famous?” Certainly not our Sarah, and certainly not on April Fools.

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[Photo Credit: Arunas Klupsas, Sarah McLaughlin]

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