Sarah Silverman’s Indecent Proposal for a Romney Supporter — VIDEO 

There’s just a few weeks left until the unbearable onslaught of political attack ads and commercials all but take over our lives, but Sarah Silverman has decided to get a head start on the upcoming election and make a campaign ad that I can almost completely assure you no one else will. The actress/comedian — who previously did her part for President Barack Obama back in 2008 by recruiting your adorable, influential Jewish grandparents in Florida — is back at it to help the POTUS stay in power by attempting to sway one of Mitt Romney‘s biggest campaign contributors. 

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is giving a lofty $100 million to Romney’s already lucrative campaign, but Silverman is willing to sweeten the deal for him if he gives the money to Obama instead. Her promise? Well, she’s not going to have sex with him (she is a good girl who once had her own show on Comedy Central, after all) but she will scissor Adelson while wearing a bikini bottom. Everybody wins! Watch the very funny, but very NSFW, video here:


Time to step up your game, Sarah Jessica Parker!

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