Scarlett Johansson And Anne Hathaway Sign On For ‘SNL’

November just got a dose of awesome. Why, you ask? Well, because I just found out that two super awesome people are slated to host SNL in November, and those two awesome ladies just happen to be Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway.

Both leading ladies have hosted the show before (Scarlett’s ahead of the curve with two hosting gigs under her belt compared to Anne’s one) and both of them were pretty great. (But if you were to pit the two against each other, Johansson totally kills it.)

Johansson goes all out, dropping her red carpet charm and hitting each ridiculous character head on while Hathaway tends to play a little more straight, serving as a base for whatever insanity is planted in each sketch. In honor of their upcoming hosting gigs, here are a few of their best SNL moments.

Hathaway took the SNL stage as Mary Poppins, explaining the true meaning of Supercalifragilisitcexpialidotious, and it ain’t pretty.

In one of my favorite SNL commercial sketches ever, Scarlett breaks out her dormant Staten Island accent to advertise chandeliers – like dis one, or dat one, or dis one….or dat one.

And last but not least, Johansson lends her screen presence to the long-lived Virginiaca skit (before a handful of other renditions killed it stone dead).


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If she brings this brand of try-anything attitude to her upcoming SNL episode, it’s going to be good. (Or at least as good as it can get for an SNL episode these days.)

Source: Entertainment Weekly