Scarlett Johansson Spotted With Justin Bartha

scarlett johanssonPer her usual routine, Scarlett Johansson is coping with the pain of her breakup with Sean Penn by seeing another guy. This time, it’s Justin Bartha — and Page Six reports that after Johansson attended the opening of the off-Broadway play, “All New People” starring Bartha, the two were photographed hanging out backstage together. “Spies” said the exchange continued through the cast dinner at Café Un Deux Trois, where Johansson and Bartha seemed “completely engrossed in each other,” even though Zach Braff and Heather Graham were also in attendance (can you imagine crushing on someone so much that you aren’t even willing to see what a conversation between Zach Braff and Heather Graham is like???? I bet it was about grasshoppers!). A witness said, “There were about 15 people at the table, but Scarlett and Justin sat next to each other and talked all night. They seemed pretty fascinated with each other…it looked sometimes flirty, but also they seemed to be involved in a deep discussion.” Yeah, because you know how frequently beautiful people spend their time engaging in “deep discussions.”

Source: Page Six