Scott Beattie


Visual Effects & Animation (17)

Big Hero 6 2014 (Movie)

Layout Finaling Supervisor (Layout Artist)

Frozen 2013 (Movie)

Director Of Cinematography-Layout (Layout Artist)

Wreck-It Ralph 2012 (Movie)

(Layout Artist)

Tangled 2010 (Movie)

Layout Supervisor (Layout Artist)

Bolt 2008 (Movie)

(Layout Artist)

Meet the Robinsons 2007 (Movie)

Layout Supervisor (Layout Artist)

Chicken Little 2005 (Movie)

Layout (Layout Artist)

Reign of Fire 2002 (Movie)

Visual Effects Director of Photography(Motion Control/Hi-Speed/Blue Screen Photography) (Visual Effects)

Mission to Mars 2000 (Movie)

director of miniature photography(Dream Quest Quest/visual effects) (Miniatures)

Armageddon 1998 (Movie)

director of miniature photography(motion control) (Miniatures)

Deep Rising 1998 (Movie)

director of miniature photography(motion control stage crew) (Miniatures)

Mighty Joe Young 1998 (Movie)

director of miniature photography(plate/stage photography) (Miniatures)

Con Air 1997 (Movie)

director of miniature photography(hi-speed miniatures unit) (Miniatures)

Flubber 1997 (Movie)

director of miniature photography(Dream Quest Images) (Miniatures)

Earth 2 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)

Visual Effects

Moonwalker 1988 (Movie)

special visual effects("Smooth Criminal") (Special Effects)

Predator 1987 (Movie)

(motion control technician) (Visual Effects)
Physical Effects (9)

The Bubble Boy 2001 (Movie)

motion control programmer(The Secret Lab/visual effects) (Motion Control)

Disney's The Kid 2000 (Movie)

motion control programmer(The Secret Lab/visual effects) (Motion Control)

Dracula: Dead and Loving It 1995 (Movie)

motion control operator(Dream Quest Images) (Motion Control)

Defending Your Life 1991 (Movie)

motion control supervisor (Motion Control)

Total Recall 1990 (Movie)

motion control supervisor(Dream Quest) (Motion Control)

The Abyss 1989 (Movie)

motion control supervisor(Dream Quest Images) (Motion Control)

House II: The Second Story 1987 (Movie)

motion control technician (Motion Control)

D.A.R.Y.L. 1985 (Movie)

motion control technician (Motion Control)

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension 1984 (Movie)

motion control assistant (Motion Control)
Camera, Film, & Tape (8)

Unbreakable 2000 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

Bicentennial Man 1999 (Movie)

stage photography supervisor(Dream Quest Images/visual effects) (Photography)

My Favorite Martian 1999 (Movie)

(Dream Quest Images/opening Mars sequence) (Director of Photography)

The Rock 1996 (Movie)

effects photography supervisor (Photography)

Crimson Tide 1995 (Movie)

effects photography supervisor (Photography)

Alien3 1992 (Movie)

(Boss Film) (Camera Operator)

The Blob 1988 (Movie)

visual effects photography (Photography)

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part III: Dream Warriors 1987 (Movie)

effects photography (Photography)
Executive (1)

Big Hero 6 2014 (Movie)

Departmental Leadership(Walt Disney Animation Studios) (Executive)


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