Scott Caan

Actor, Musician
Like his father before him, actor Scott Caan forged a screen career path with roles that cannily wavered between shades of intensity, often blurring the line between menace and humor. Caan first broke out as a hitman in ... Read more »
Born: 08/23/1976 in Los Angeles, California, USA


Actor (39)

Hawaii Five-O 2010 - 2017 (TV Show)


Rock the Kasbah 2015 (Movie)

Jake (Actor)

Wild Horses 2015 (Movie)


Deep in the Valley 2014 (Movie)


A Beginner's Guide to Endings 2012 (Movie)

Cal White (Actor)

Jimmy Kimmel Live 2012 (Tv Show)


NCIS: Los Angeles 2012 (Tv Show)


The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards 2011 - 2012 (TV Show)


Entourage 2009 - 2011 (Tv Show)


Mercy 2010 (Movie)

Johnny (Actor)

The Late Show With David Letterman 2010 (Tv Show)


Meet Dave 2008 (Movie)

Dooley (Actor)

Brooklyn Rules 2007 (Movie)

Carmine Mancuso (Actor)

Lonely Hearts 2007 (Movie)

Detective Reilly (Actor)

Ocean's Thirteen 2007 (Movie)

Turk Malloy (Actor)

The Dog Problem 2007 (Movie)

Casper (Actor)

Friends With Money 2006 (Movie)

Mike (Actor)

Dallas 362 2005 (Movie)

Dallas (Actor)

In Enemy Hands 2005 (Movie)

Lt Cmdr Randall Sullivan (Actor)

Into the Blue 2005 (Movie)

Bryce (Actor)

Ocean's Twelve 2004 (Movie)

Turk Malloy (Actor)

Sonny 2002 (Movie)

Jesse (Actor)

American Outlaws 2001 (Movie)

Cole Younger (Actor)

James Caan: Making a Scene 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)


Novocaine 2001 (Movie)

Duane (Actor)

Ocean's Eleven 2001 (Movie)

Turk Malloy (Actor)

Black and White 2000 (Movie)

Scotty (Actor)

Boiler Room 2000 (Movie)

Richie (Actor)

Gone in 60 Seconds 2000 (Movie)

Tumbler (Actor)

In the Shadows 2000 (Movie)


Ready to Rumble 2000 (Movie)

Sean Dawkins (Actor)

Saturn 1999 (Movie)

Drew (Actor)

Varsity Blues 1999 (Movie)

Tweeter (Actor)

Bongwater 1998 (Movie)

Bobby (Actor)

Enemy of the State 1998 (Movie)

Jones (Actor)

Aaron Gillespie Will Make You a Star 1997 (Movie)

Sean (Actor)

Nowhere 1997 (Movie)

Ducky (Actor)

A Boy Called Hate 1996 (Movie)

Steve--Hate (Actor)

Silent Hearts (TV Show)

Director (2)

The Dog Problem 2007 (Movie)


Dallas 362 2005 (Movie)

Writer (2)

Mercy 2010 (Movie)


The Dog Problem 2007 (Movie)

Producer (1)

Mercy 2010 (Movie)



Like his father before him, actor Scott Caan forged a screen career path with roles that cannily wavered between shades of intensity, often blurring the line between menace and humor. Caan first broke out as a hitman in Jerry Bruckheimer's action project "Enemy of the State" (1998), before tackling male-bonding character dramas like "Varsity Blues" (1999) and "Boiler Room" (2000). He soon rose to stardom as a part of the ensemble "Ocean's Eleven" (2001), standing out as one of the memorable members of a heist crew that included George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, allowing the actor to put forth his hybrid funny toughness. Caan moved deeper into the psychology as an actor with indies like "Novocaine" (2001) and "Friends with Money" (2006), while venturing off into his own films with "Dallas 362" (2003) and "The Dog Problem" (2006). Following reprisals of getaway driver and con artist Turk Malloy in "Ocean's Twelve" (2004) and "Ocean's Thirteen" (2007), Caan made a surprising turn to the small screen with a recurring role as a cocky talent manager on the popular industry-based series, "Entourage" (HBO, 2004-11). By the time he took on the role of Danny "Danno" Williams on the revamped "Hawaii 5-0" (CBS, 2010- ), Caan had fully broken away from any associations with his father to achieve success on his own terms.


James Caan

Best known for his role of Santino 'Sonny' Corleone in "The Godfather" (1972) co-starred with son in "A Boy Called Hate" (1996)

Alexander Caan

Born April 10, 1991 son of James Caan and Ingrid Hajek

Jacob Caan

Born Sept. 24, 1998 son of James Caan and Linda Stokes

James Caan

Born Nobermber 6, 1995 son of James Caan and Linda Stokes

Tara Caan

Born Nobermber 5, 1964 daughter of James Caan and Dee Jay Mathis

Izabella Miko

Briefly dated no longer together

Sheila Ryan

Married James Caan in 1976 and divorced a year after her son's birth


Playhouse West

Los Angeles , California



Landed a supporting role in the Bill Murray music-comedy "Rock the Kasbah"


Co-starred in the comedy "3 Geezers!"


Nominated for the 2011 Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television ("Hawaii Five-0")


Landed a starring role on CBS' reboot of "Hawaii Five-0"


Produced first feature "Mercy"; also wrote and co-starred opposite his father James Caan


Cast in a recurring role as a talent manager on HBO's "Entourage"


Had a small role in the Eddie Murphy comedy "Meet Dave"


Re-teamed with the original cast for "Ocean's 13"


Played a detective in "Lonely Hearts," which is based on the true story of the notorious Lonely Hearts Killers of the 1940s


Co-starred with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Alec Baldwin in Michael Corrente's "Brooklyn Rules"


Cast in Nicole Holofcener's "Friends with Money" opposite Jennifer Aniston


Co-starred with Paul Walker and Jessica Alba in the thriller "Into the Blue"


Made writing and directing debut with "Dallas 362"; also co-starred with Jeff Goldblum and Kelly Lynch


Re-teamed with the original cast for "Ocean's Twelve"; again directed by Steven Soderbergh


Cast in the drama "Sonny," with James Franco


Joined an ensemble cast for Steven Soderbergh's remake of "Ocean's Eleven"


Played Western bandit Cole Younger to Colin Farrell's Jesse James in "American Outlaws"


Co-starred with Ben Affleck and Giovanni Ribisi in the "Boiler Room"


Co-starred with David Arquette in the comedy "Ready to Rumble"


Starred in the independent film "Black and White"


Provided comic relief for "Varsity Blues" as a rowdy, girl-chasing high school football player opposite James Van Der Beek


Played a cocky government agent chasing Will Smith in Tony Scott's "Enemy of the State"


Acted in the third installment of Gregg Araki's 'teen apocalypse' trilogy, "Nowhere"


Appeared in the comedy "Bongwater" with an ensemble cast including Luke Wilson and Jack Black


Made his feature debut in the independent film "A Boy Called Hate"; father also acted in film playing his onscreen dad

Worked as a roadie for the rap groups Cypress Hill and House of Pain

Formed the hip hop music group The Whooliganz with childhood friend Alan Maman; recieved a recording deal with Tommy Boy Records and released one album, Make Way for the W.

Bonus Trivia


Scott was the son of the Oscar-nominated actor James Caan.


In the 1990s Caan was a member of the short-lived hip-hop group The Whooliganz.


"I'm a malcontent when it comes to art. I don't want to sound pretentious, but you could hire a bunch of monkeys to be on a TV show, and if it's successful, then everything's perfect and everybody's happy. But when you hire people that give a s*** and they want to make good art — I don't want to say art and TV show in the same sentence because I sound like a jerkoff — you're going to have unhappy people, because they want to make it better." - from Esquire, January 24, 2011