Scott Disick’s Secret Past as a Teen Book Model: Which Other Celebs Posed for Covers?

scott disick heartland book cover

While many may consider Scott Disick — on-again-off-again beau and baby daddy to Kourtney Kardashian — too plastic to be considered dreamy, once upon a time he was a bonafide teen heartthrob. The evidence? His chiseled visage graced the covers of not just one, but a series of teen novels. inTouch has unearthed Disick’s likeness on the cover of the Heartland series, by Lauren Brooke. Somehow it makes perfect sense to us that 12-year-old girls in 2001 would swoon over Disick while reading heartwarming tales of love and self-discovery set on a horse farm. What makes less sense is that Disick has been so close to a book.

According to inTouch, a model who worked with Disick says, “Scott was an awkward teenager — completely different than how he portrays himself now… He really just came in, got makeup done, stood in front of the camera and left pretty silently, too. Nothing at all like the Scott we know now 12 years later.”

After discovering Disick in all his stable boy glory, we hit Amazon to find other celebrities who posed for teen book covers. The results were equal parts hilarious and confusing.

Below, we have nine book covers that feature well-known faces… or so we thought. While some celebrities, like Disick, posed for their covers, other book cover artists “imaged” attractive teens who just so happened to look exactly like real celebrities.

Can you tell which of the below covers are actual celebrities, and which feature celeb lookalikes? (Answers at the bottom of the page.)

1. Is this Matt Bomer (center) and Andy Samberg (right)?

matt bomer book cover

2. Is this Scarlett Johansson?

scarlet johansson lookalike book cover

3. Is this Nicole Kidman?

nicole kidman lookalike book cover

4. Is this Mila Kunis?

mila kunis lookalike book cover

5. Is this Mandy Moore?

mandy moore lookalike book cover

6. Is this Leven Rambin?

leven rambin sweet valley high book cover

7. Is this Amanda Seyfried?

amanda seyfried book cover

8. Is this Taylor Swift?

taylor swift lookalike book cover

9. Is this Brooke Shields?

brooke shields book cover

Answer Key: 1) Matt Bomer: Yes, Andy Samberg: No; 2) No; 3) No; 4) No; 5) No; 6) Yes; 7) Yes; 8) No; 9) Yes

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[Photo Credit: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers(2); Scholastic Paperbacks; Razorbill(2); Beach Books, LLC; Laurel Leaf; Simon Pulse; Warner Books; St Martin’s Griffin]


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