Scott Zuchowski


Engineering, Electrical, & Grips (23)

Misconduct 2016 (Movie)

Best Boy Electrician (Best Boy Electric)

Wild Oats 2016 (Movie)

(Best Boy Electric)

Dark Places 2015 (Movie)

Rigging Electric Best Boy (Rigging Electrician)

Hot Pursuit 2015 (Movie)

(Additional Photography) (Best Boy Electric)

Mississippi Grind 2015 (Movie)

Genny Operator (Generator Operator)

Our Brand Is Crisis 2015 (Movie)

(Chief Lighting Technician)

Endless Love 2014 (Movie)

(Best Boy)

The Best of Me 2014 (Movie)

(Best Boy Electric)

Bullet To The Head 2013 (Movie)

(Best Boy Electric)

This Is The End 2013 (Movie)

Chief Lighting Technician (Lighting Technician)

A Little Bit of Heaven 2012 (Movie)

Lamp Operator (Lighting Technician)

Contraband 2012 (Movie)

(Best Boy)

Stolen 2012 (Movie)

(Best Boy Electric)

Green Lantern 2011 (Movie)

(Chief Lighting Technician)

12 Rounds 2009 (Movie)

(Best Boy Electric)

Bullrun 2006 - 2007 (Tv Show)


Pride 2007 (Movie)

(Best Boy Electric)

Resurrecting the Champ 2007 (Movie)

Lamp Operator(Denver Unit) (Lighting Technician)

The Mist 2007 (Movie)

Assistant Chief Lighting Technician (Lighting Technician)

Factory Girl 2006 (Movie)

(Chief Lighting Technician)

Stay Alive 2006 (Movie)

(Best Boy Electric)

The Guardian 2006 (Movie)

Best Boy Electric Local (Best Boy Electric)

Waiting... 2005 (Movie)

(Best Boy Electric)